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DIA Polisher for the finishing of zircone

Zircone oxide becomes nowadays a very standard material with high demands. The esthetic benefits in combination with its high corrosion resistance and functional capacity offer indisputable advantages compared to metal based restauration. The finishing of Zircone is much more ambitious and requires a good technical knowledge in addition to high class instruments. It is important to use the right polishers to avoid any type of material damages or weakness which is caused by heat or other factors.

Theoretically it would be better to use only instruments with fine grain sizes and to work with little pressure. But we all know, that the daily work in the lab is different and needs to achieve fast results. It is always hard to change the conditions under which the technician is working but we can offer better instruments which are matched to the current situation.

The 3-step series of the SHINE ZIRCON Polishers are manufactured with diamond staggered grains for a better preparation of zircone even at thin margins. The different shapes are available in 3 qualities from extra coarse to fine for the finishing and high-lustre polishing.


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