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Sintering furnaces

Make sure your sintering furnace is checked, cleaned and calibrated regularly.

If this is not done, it could lead to serious problems such as contamination and shade discrepancy in the zircon objects which had been sintered.

Investment need to be temperatured

It is important to keep both, the investment and the liquid temperatured and stored in a dry place with a room temperature of 20-23°C. The ideal working temperature is 21°C.

Investment expansion control

High and/or low storage temperature might affect the expansion of the investment which could lead to problems. To be on the safe side and get a precise expansion results, please make sure to keep both the liquid and the powder in a room with a temperature of 21°C before start the mixing procedure.

Sintering of the zirconium oxide

For single crowns, raise of temperature 14°C per minute and 1 hour holding time at 1500 °C.

For long bridges, raise of temperature 8°C per minute and a holding time of 2 hours at 1500°C.

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