Our team has over 15 years experience in dental industry as technician, producer and dealer. We are deeply aware of the problems you are facing every day. We have effective and various solutions.


You are special for us. To meet your individual needs is our mission. We spend time with you, listening to your different needs. We support you with high end quality products and full services.

At the same time, we never stop creating new possibilities. Therefore, you have more options with Dentify.

Our work is exclusive because of your individual touch. Hand in Hand, we make the difference!


Michel Ayoub - CEO Dentify
Michel Ayoub


Michel Ayoub is born in Lebanon. He studied dental technics at the University Antoine. After some years in german dental labs he changed to an dental industry company. He has more than 15 years experience in the dental branch and his passion is dental technic. He worked as Head of Export and before he followed the idea of dentify. Now he is CEO and Sales Director at dentify. He is respansable for all your demands and is looking forward to get in contact with you.


Contact me:

T: +49 7733 - 977 62 41

M: Michel.Ayoub@dentify-gmbh.com

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Alexandra Stange


Alexandra Stange is dental technician. A couple of years ago she moved into dental industry. She has many years experience in different parts of the dental field. 

At dentify she is responsable for the german speaking markets. From technician to technician she can help in various questions. Beside her job as sales manager she supports Elena Wikenhauser with the backoffice requirements. 

Contact me:

T: +49 7733 - 977 62 40

M: Alexandra.Stange@dentify-gmbh.com

Elena Wikenhauser
Elena Wikenhauser


Elena Wikenhauser is italian.  She learned forwarding merchant and worked several years in a forwarding company before she changed into the dental branch. She has more than 5 years experience in the dental sales. She was responsible for export management in the european countries but especially for iitaly.

And that´s what she is doing at dentify. She is responsible for italy and the european countries and further she manages our backoffice with all customs affairs.  


Contact me:

T: +49 7733 - 977 62 42

M: Elena.Wikenhauser@dentify-gmbh.com

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