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SHINE 2-in-1 Polisher

2 Step Polisher for pre-sintered Zirconia

The new SHINE 2in1 polisher enables a quick and easy handling of the presintered Zirconia. The 2 different zones offer the opportunity to reduce and polish in one step.

The grey part has a high reducing effect without causing any damages to the milling crowns and bridges. The white part achieves a precise polishing for the occlusal and interdental areas as well as the margin edges of the crown.

With the optimum of 6.000 rpm, slightly soft pressure a comfortable way of work is accomplished. It leads to very precise results without any colouring residues. Further the soft polishing reduces the risk of breackage or damage of the fragile construction. The reworking measures after sintering will be less intensive.

The 2-in-1 polisher is available in 2 shapes.

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