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We are a motivated and experienced team. Our passion is dental technology and the idea to provide patients with esthetic and individual dental restaurations to give them back their natural beauty. We are deeply convinced that being unique is better than being perfect. We want to support the technician to put the focus on his strength and to create teeth with his individual touch.

Our mainly strength is the personal relation to our partners. We live a very special culture of partnership. This is the influence which enables us to offer a premium selection of dental consumables, just targeted of the demand in dental labs. Our main product range is dental products like zircone, blanks, alloy, burs, investment and stone.


As a German dental company we are focusing on the daily needs of the dental technicians. We are providing consumables for dental laboratories  worldwide.


Everyone is unique, every teeth is unique. It is the individuality that is the key of natural perfection. To achieve the unique identity, we combine your needs and the market trends. Our motivation is to support you to achieve the best natural results for your clients.


"Dentify", your unique identification in dental industry.


We are a young, passionated, motivated and experienced team. We have a longtime experience in the dental industry with a perspective of the new trends and innovations on the market.

Have a look and get to know us! Just find out more here. 

Dentify - Hand in Hand with our Partners

Hand in hand, together with our partners we put the focus on the dental technicians needs. To create a perfect smile you need best partners beside you. Please find more about our vision here.


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