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SPLENDID DIA Polishing Paste


Quick polishing for a perfect silk mat lustre.


This polishing paste is specially developed for Zirconium oxide, Lithium disilicate and veneering porcelain.


Extremely fine micro structures of the superficial surfaces. Achieve quickly a nice gloss finish with just a little material.

The paste can be washed very easily. It does not leave any greasing layers or residue.





Precise flow out into the impression


The new dentify SKYROCK XT IV offers many advantages. The modern composition provides multiple characteristics for the user.  

It is easy to mix and shows a fine consistency. The increased hardness with a compressive strength of 9.440 after 1 hour, makes it very stable while ditching. The Stone has very well flowing characteristics when it is under vibration. It has a high thixotropy and stays stable on the spatula. This characteristic enables a very precise flowing through the impression.



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