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Better control - precise flow out into the impression

The new dentify SKYROCK XT IV offers many advantages. The modern composition provides united characteristics for the user.

It is easy to mix and shows a fine consistency. The increased hardness with a compressive strength of 9.440 after 1 hour, makes it very stable while ditching. The Stone has very well flowing characteristics when it is under vibration (see picture 1). It has a high thixotropy and stays safe on the spatula (see picture 2). This characteristic enables a very precise flow out into the impression without any overflow.

Pict. 1: Flowing characteristics under vibration.

Pict. 2: Stone is stable on the spatula if there is no vibration. High thixotropy.

The setting expansion of 0,10% guarantees precise results. SKYROCK XT is available in 2 attractive colors, golden brown and ivory. Find out more here

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