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You desire..

  •   a trustful and reliable business partner? 

  •   more time to concentrate on the important things? 

  •   high quality products to ensure consistent results?

  •   more understanding for your individual needs?

  •   interesting products with up-to-date standard, excellent quality and attractive design?

  •   a simple way of communication suitable for your unique situation?

  •   a familiar way of collaboration? 

  •   a longterm business partnership?

  •   to increase business through our joint efforts?

  •   confidence, reliability, respect and appreciation?




Dentify = identify yourself in dental industries. Our Vision is to go hand in hand with our partners. A remarkable way of partnership. We believe that integral and long-term success are based on a trusted and cooperative relationship. It is all about your needs. We all put our power together to offer best solutions for you, which is called a real teamwork.

Respect and appreciation are indispensable elements for the Spirit of Dentify. We are inspired to work with friends which in turn brings passion and pleasure to what we do. 




Years of experience in dental field leads us to build up dentify.


We believe that being unique is the companion of being perfect. The individuality is the secret of nature´s perfection. This also counts for the dental restoration and this is where we feel like at home. Every smile is as unique as the individual fingerprint. And we want support you to express this speciality. 


Being unique is the central element of our ideology.


„Creating natural looking teeth“ is your job and our challenge.


Our vision is to capture the imperfection of the natural teeth as the base for a unique restoration. Our mission is to support you.


We are passionate about your different needs and never stop creating new possibilities.

Thank to our up-to-date technology and know-how practise you have more options with us.




The technician‘s great challenge is to recreate both, the perfection and the imperfection of the patient‘s own teeth, so his or her smile looks completely natural.


This profession is an art, because each restoration is unique and must simulate the function of the patient‘s natural teeth.

Dental laboratory technology requires the skill and touch of an artist.

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