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Dentify Zircone polisher

Zircon Polisher

for laboratory use
Shaft HP 104, Ø 2,35mm

For finishing and high-lustre polishing with diamond staggered grains, for a much longer shelf life in addition to very material-friendly.


• fine, Medium and extra-coarse quality

• different types and dimensions such as wheel, lens, cylinder & flame 


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Dentify Ceramic polisher

Ceramic Polisher

for laboratory use
Shaft HP 104, Ø 2,35mm

3-step Diamond system for working on ceramic. For grinding, smoothing and high polishing. The ceramic is polished without any additional glaze. Suitable for correction after the glaze firing or for any additional modification or adjustment of the restoration. Does not generate heat, very durable, short working time.



• fine, Medium and coarse quality

• different types and dimensions such as wheel, lens & flame 


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Dentify DIA polisher

DIA Polisher

for ceramic & zircon
Shaft HP 104, Ø 2,35mm

2-step diamond polisher system for grinding and initial contouring all ceramic, press ceramic and full ceramic crowns as well as zirconium oxide.


• high grinding performance

• does not generate heat

• different forms such as cylinder, conus, wheel and lense


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Dentify Acrylic polisher

Acrylic Polisher Easy

for laboratory and clinical use
Shaft HP 104, Ø 2,35mm

3-step polishing system suitable for denture and orthodontic acrylics. Can be used to remove the scratches and rough surfaces, produces a slight lustre and a high-shine polish for acrylic and acrylic dentures.


• fine: Optimum smoothing & condensing material surfaces

• medium: Preparing for high-lustre polishing

• coarse: For finishing and contouring

• conus peak and conus round



Dentify Acrylic polisher

Acrylic Polisher Master

for laboratory and clinical use
Shaft HP 104, Ø 2,35mm

2-step-system for pre-grinding and smoothing, High performance silicone polishing for denture acrylics. Adjustment aspects are quickly achieved without the use of tungsten carbide.


• medium: for smoothing

• coarse: for pre-grinding

• conus peak and conus round

Dentify Skotch Acrylic

Acrylic Polisher Scotch

for laboratory and clinical use
Shaft HP 104, Ø 2,35mm

2-step fiber flow system for smoothing and polishing. The open fiber structures allows the easy working of all acrylic materials, silicone and other soft materials.





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2-in-1 Zircon Polisher

polisher for presintered zircon
Dentify 2-in-1 polisher

The grey part reduces quickly the milling bridges. The white part achieves a precise polishing and does not leave any colouring residues. Made in germany.

Dentify Universal polisher

Universal Polisher

Shaft not adjusted

For polishing of precious and non-precious alloys, ceramic and composite.

Dentify Alloy polisher

Alloy Polisher

polisher for all dental alloys
Shaft: not adjusted

3-step polishing system for all alloys. The medium serves for smoothing of Cobalt-Chrome, precious and non-precious alloys. The fine one serves for polishing of the alloys and the extra fine is suitable for the high shine polishing of alloys.


• wheel and cylinder

• extra-fine, fine & medium



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Dentify universal Brush

Universal Brush

Universal nature brush
Shaft HP 104, Ø 2,35mm

Miniature wheel brushes with HP shaft. The best materials and components have been used for high quality brushes. For polishing of precious and non-precious alloys, acrylic teeth, composite, ceramic, etc.. For optimum results, use diamond polishing paste.






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DIA Polishing Paste
Dentify Splendid

Polishing paste specially developed for Zirconium oxide, Lithium disilicate and veneering porcelain. Quick polishing for a perfect silk mat lustre.

Extremely fine micro structures of the superficial surfaces. Just with a little material, a nice gloss finish is quickly achieved.

Can be washed very easily. It does not leave any greasing layers or residue.

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