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Dentify DIA Bur

DIA Bur (HP)

multilayered diamond burs
Shaft HP 104, Ø 2,35mm

It ensures a long life service due to the distribution of the diamonds on different levels. Herby, through the grinding procedure, new diamond grains with sharp edges are coming into use continually.


• different types such as ball, flame, conical inverted, cylinder, wheel and bud



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Dentify DIA Bur FG

DIA Bur (FG)

Diamond Bur FG
Shaft FG 314, Ø 1,6mm

Special diamond bur with shaft FG 314.


• multilayered diamonds

• fine, medium and coarse

• different types like cylinder, football and flame




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Dentify Tungsten Carbide Bur

Tungsten Carbide Burs

Shaft HP 104, Ø 2,35mm

The wide range of Tungsten carbide is the optimum need for the laboratory daily work. They are well designed but also in different shapes for long life service, for better milling and cutting when used with stone, acrylic, alloys, precious alloys, ceramic and full ceramic.



• fine / red: Ceramic, precious alloy, non-precious alloy, partial denture frame, resins

• medium / blue: Non-precious alloy, partial denture, acrylic denture, stone

• coarse / green: Dry stone

• extra coarse / black: Humid stone




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