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Zircone Tech is our partner for Zircone Blanks. A manufacturer of blanks with high quality standard.

Euromax-Monaco c’est une équipe de spécialistes en CAD-CAM et de conseillers techniques en Art dentaire, qui recherchent et testent pour vous les meilleurs systèmes du marché mondial. Nos techniciens sont présents pour vous guider dans le choix de la solution idéale pour votre structure.

The Zeiser® model method with scientifically proven accuracy is in operation now since 1980. Competitive in cost, attractive in design, fast for efficient model production, precise for your reputation! With different pin drill units and a wide range of accessories, Zeiser is the perfect partner for precise and fast model production.

Since 1978, Zubler has tailored an advanced line of equipment and materials for the international dental laboratory market. As the result of individual attentiveness and service to the industry, Zubler remains a premier producer of high quality products designed to evolve with the rapidly changing dental laboratory industry. Zubler also remains committed to adapting to the individual needs of our clients, remaining flexible and attentive to each individual laboratory's needs.

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