White fused aluminia oxide for blasting all dental alloys.  Extremly pure precious corundum. And glass beads for smoothing and densifying the surface of alloys and press ceramic.


Aluminium Oxide white

  • White fused alumina for blasting of all dental alloys

  • Extremely pure precious corundum 99,73 %

  • Efficient blasting due to its sharp edged grains and extreme hardness

  • Iron-free





AL2O3   99,73%


Technical Data


Hardness                  9 mohs

Grain shape             angular

Melting point           approx. 2050 °C

Specific gravity        approx. 3,9 – 4,1 g/cm3

Bulk density             approx. 1,4 – 2,1 g/cm3

(depending on granular size)

Dentify Aluminium Oxide - detailed
Dentify SAHARA Aluminium Oxide


Glass Beads

Glass beads for smoothing and densifying the surface of the

non-precious and precious alloys as well as for press ceramic.


  • Suitable for polishing, hardening and blast-cleaning

  • Round grain

  • Grain size 50mµ

  • Surface will be denisfied, not worned out / not abrasive

  • Fine surfaces

  • Silk matt Glaze



Technical Data


Hardness              6 mohs

Grain shape         Round

Melting point       approx. 730 °C

Dentify SAHARA Glass Beads
Dentify SAHARA Glass Beads - detailed