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COAT Spacer


Die Spacers are used to keep the needed space for the fixing cement. Further they seal the plaster and come along with a homogenous surface layer.




Die Spacer

• Homogenous, uniform surface coverage
• Very good coating colors
• Smooth and scratch-resistant layering
• Does not drop while applying
• Easily steamed off
• Excellent adherence on the gypsum models
• Available in different thickness and colors (silver, blue, red, gold)

Dentify COAT Spacer


Thinner for die Spacer

• Serves to re-establish the original consistency of the Die Spacers
• With the thinner, the flow properties of the spacers can be individually


Dentify COAT Thinner


Lube Isolation ( Wax - Gypsum) 

• Provides an accurate separation between wax and gypsum
• Very easy removal of the wax pattern off stone and epoxy Dies
• The wax patterns come off very clean and without removing the

  Die spacer layer
• Does not affect the investment and casting properties
• Apply it smoothly with the brush and avoid thick consistency



Die Hardener

• Specially designed to seal and harden the Die
• Reduces the abrasion and protects the surface of the stone and the

• The hardener is completely absorbed by the Die, does not create any

• Precise application with the brush in minimum quantity

Dentify DIE Hardener
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