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Famous waxes for all applications in the Dental Lab. Start with Block out wax to fill the undercuts and cavities. Cervical and modelling waxes as well as the Laser opqaue Scanwax.

Find Bulkwax which has a very interesting price ratio as well as wax wire for the casting technique.




Block out wax

• Universal wax to block out the undercut and all cavities on the die
• Very good adhesion to the model
• Due to its opaque quality, the contours are clearly to be seen
• Can be chafed clean and smooth
• Does not bond to the dipping wax due to its high melting point

Dentify Blockout Wax


Cervical Wax

• Stable in form, tension and distortion free
• Easy flowing
• No smearing
• The marginal area of the wax can be formed and adheres very

   precisely and perfectly to the coping
• Can be also used as underlining wax or base layer
• The transparency of the wax allows a clear visual control on the
   margin area and edges

Dentify Cervical Wax


Sculpturing Wax

• For all Crown & Bridge, Inlays, Onlays and combined work
• Very good visibility for the finest fissures due to the opaque color
• Extraordinary carving qualities for highest precision
• High stability and accurate reproduction after casting
• Very low Shrinkage
• Cusp tips can be precisely built up due to its retentive shape
• Retainers can be individually designed and elaborated very
  exactly because of its high rigidity
• Very smooth surfaces free of any roughness when well and

  smoothly applied

• opaque and ash-free quality

• colours: grey, blue, green, neon-green, yellow, beige, white

Dentify Sculturing Wax



• Laser opaque sculpturing wax for the CAD/CAM technique
• Desired scan areas can be masked perfectly due to its higher
  opacity, to prevent any reflection of light, which leads absolutely

  to excellent scan results

Dentify Scanwax


Wax Wire

• Flexible and tension free wax wires
• Due to its high stability, the object can be easily adhered
• Free from any undesired restoring force
• Dimension stable
• Burns without residue

• medium-hard = blue, hard = green

Dentify Wax Wire


Inlay Wax ( Bulk )

• Economical alternative for dental technicians for the crown and

  bridge work
• Provides very good casting results due its durability
• Easy carving characteristics
• Very clean and burns without residues

• regular and hard quality

• each quality either in blue or green available

Dentify Bulk Wax
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