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Further products for casting technique. Occlusal spray, light-curing material and dipping hardener.

BASE Lightcuring Material

Production of individual trays

  • Light cure Trays for the simple making of individual impression and functional trays

  • Clean and fast workout

  • Can be polymerized with UV or halogenlight

  • Precise impression for partial as well as complete denture

  • Precise fitting

  • Stable form and tension free

  • Rest pieces can be reused

  • Warp and break-proof

  • Plastically deformable

  • In light protection box

  • pink and blue



Technical Data


Daily light stability         min. 20 Min.

Flexible strength            min. 130 MPa

Curing time                     3 - 5 Min.

from both side (depending on the unit)

Dentify BASE lightcuring material

SPOT Occlusal Spray

Indication of contact points

Micro pulverized occlusal spray, to mark the contact points and contact surfaces. It serves to control the friction and exact fitting of the dental laboratory work as well as the occlusal control at the dental practice.


The spray cans are delivered with two splash valves, one for punctual precise spraying and the other one to be used for spraying of bigger surfaces. By means of this choice, a very accurate spraying can be achieved in the inside part of the crowns as well as on contact surfaces which make it visible when applying the prosthesis.


The fine coloring pigments do not leave any residue and can be eliminated easily by water.


  • Precise and targeted spraying

  • Micro pulverized thin layer

  • Easy to remove under water

  • An even spray appliance

  • Homogenous Spray layer

  • Different colors : green, blue, white and red

Dentify SPOT Occlusal Spray


Wax and silicon tension reducer

  • Silicone and wax wetting agent

  • Exact and bubbles free castings

  • Reduces the surface tension of silicone and waxes

  • Facilitates the adaptation of the wet investment to water-repellent surfaces

  • Does not leave any residue

  • Water base

  • Apply in an even and economically way

  • Spray from a distance of 15 to 20 cm to avoid the creation of puddles.


Dentify RELAX Debubblizer


For investment models

  • Thin flowability

  • Thouroughly and fast absorbation

  • It cares for robust and break-proof models

  • Smooth surfaces

  • 1.000 ml

Dentify Dipping Hardener
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